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Dowel Position Measurement MIT-SCAN2-BT Nondestructive testing of dowel bar alignment in concrete pavement MIT-SCAN-2 and MIT-SCAN2-BT were developed specifically for the evaluation of dowel bar alignment in concrete highways. The pulse induction method utilizes the magnetic properties of dowel bars to create a magnetic field. The resulting field - created by the metal bars- is recorded by a sensor field. The emission unit as well as the sensor field are placed inside a measuring carriage, which is pulled on a rail along the joint of a highway. The control of the measurement, the recording and the analysis of data are done by a Pocket PC, which communicates via Bluetooth connection with the measuring carriage. A more detailed analysis of the data can be done by the software MagnoProof on a desktop PC in the lab. Components Measuring carriage - Rail system - Pocket PC The handling of the measuring carriage couldn’t be simpler. It is placed on a rail and, after starting the measurement, the carriage is pulled on this rail along the joint. A joint with the length of several lanes can be measured and analyzed within a minute. MIT- SCAN2-BT is a compact and easy to handle measuring device  that can be carried by a single person. The rail consists of pluggable segments and can be transported easily. Additionally, a Pocket PC that controls measurement records, and analyzes the data is a part of the measuring unit. Control software MagnoNorm The Pocket PC communicates with the measuring device via Bluetooth connection and includes the MIT-software MagnoNorm. It controls of the measurement and evaluation of the data. The handling of MagnoNorm is simple and intuitive. A number of parameters such as location of the measurement, dowel bar type, or the outlay of the approximate bar positions can be easily entered. Station numbers are increased or decreased automatically. During the measurement, the recorded signal and the current measuring path are displayed. Results are available directly after the measurement. Additionally, data is visualized as a measuring curve and a colorful map in addition to bar positions and misalignment parameters that are computed. Analysis software MagnoProof MagnoProof was developed for the analysis of very complicated dowel bar positions and for the creation of reports on a desktop PC. This software offers a clearly arranged visualization and an exact analysis of measuring data as well as an interactive evaluation that gives reliable results even for severe misalignments. The batch processing allows for the evaluation of measurements from an entire day within minutes. MagnoProof creates an Excel-sheet that includes information on the location of joints and positions of the dowel bars. Misalignments are marked and easily recognized. As an alternative, the user can create an image that includes a color map and a display of each bar in three dimensions.. Benefits The measuring systems MIT-SCAN-2 and MIT-SCAN2-BT utilize the pulse induction method, that allows the fast measurement and an exact analysis. Therefor the system is superior to any comparable system. Measuring and analysing the dowel bar positions of one joint can be done in just one minute. This enables the user to test hundreds of joints per day. Under normal conditions, depths as well as horizontal and vertical misalignments can be determined with an accuracy of 4 mm and side shifts with an accuracy of 8 mm. MIT-SCAN-2 and MIT-SCAN2-BT make quality measurable. The measuring system was included as a part of the process in creating standards for the evaluation of dowel bar alignment in Germany. Specifications for the USA came up in the year 2006. Now, several US-states and provinces in Canada demand for the evaluation of alignment of dowel bars with MIT-SCAN-2 resp. MIT-SCAN2-BT for the use of DBIs (dowel bar inserters). Dowel bar positioning is improving in Germany, the US and Canada due to the quality assesment of MIT-SCAN-2 and MIT-SCAN2-BT. Scope of Delivery Measuring carriage measuring carriage rechargeable battery (in device) charger for battery operating manual solid transport box Pocket PC pocket PC CASIO IT800 memory card cradle (for charging and data transfer) USB cable software MagnoNorm 5.0 (installed on pocket PC) and operation manual Data CD evaluation software MagnoProof 5.0 (single site license) Rail system GRP* (standard length 10 m, can be extended) 18 EA rails 0.98 m 4 EA end pieces 0.5 m 10 EA crossties with wheels 40 EA plastic screws 2 EA spare part plastic screws 1 EA solid transport box * robust glass fiber reinforced plastic The rail system can be extended on request. All components can be ordered at any time and separately.Messwagen  
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