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Thickness Measurement MIT-SCAN-T2 *** NEWS *** New German standard TP D-StB 12 The new German standard was published at the end of March 2013. It contains a number of new requirements such as: - quality of reflector material - verification tool - calibration procedure An English translation is in preparation and will be available soonest. The device has been evaluated and officially approved by the German BASt Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (Federal Highway Research Institute) and is being used for training under the US FHWA´s Concrete Pavement Technology Program. *** Thickness Measurement MIT-SCAN-T2 MIT-SCAN-T2 is a measuring device that accurately and non-destructively determines the thickness of asphalt or concrete pavement for construction purposes An accurate measurement is critical for the thickness of road pavement to ensure compliance with the original design or for the longevity of pavement. The measurements can be taken on highway, municipal, harbor or airport pavements. The practical use of MIT-SCAN-T2 Within a few seconds, the measuring device is fully assembled and ready for use. Operating the MIT-SCAN-T2 is simple due to its comfortable and intuitive user interface. 1) Input of data Quick input of all construction site relevant data through clear user interface. All measurement data are thus readily available for further processing with analysis programs. 2) Search The device is moved in a meandering motion 50 to 100 mm (2 to 4 in) above the pavement surface. This procedure enables quick location of the reflector within a range of up to 2 m (6ft) width.  3) Measurement The measurement is conducted by passing the device over the reflector. Measurement results are immediately analyzed and displayed. Benefits MIT-SCAN-T2 is an innovative measuring device that can non-destructively and accurately measure the thickness of pavement layers during construction without the requirement for coring. Low costs per test. MIT-SCAN-T2 is easy to handle and of highly accurate. Besides measuring  thickness (standard case) the system offers a number of new applications: Efficient and user friendly: The MIT-SCAN-T2 has been designed as a simple and easy to use device. Using only one hand, the operator locates the reflector that lies beneath the pavement surface. The device is then used to measure the thickness of the pavement above the reflector. It has a short test time and a long battery life. The device has been evaluated and officially approved by the German BASt Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (Federal Highway Research Institute) and is being used for training under the US FHWA´s Concrete Pavement Technology Program. Accurate and cost-effective provides immediate and accurate readings with high precision within the measurement range of 0 to 0.5 m (0 to 20 in) the device can be used for measurements with all commercially available reflector types no need for time-consuming on-site calibration MIT-SCAN-T2 features at a glance: immediate detection of metals nearby the reflector that may interfere with the measurements the reflector can be quickly located the reflector is only roughly passed over for measurements, centering the reflector is unnecessary, and sources of error are thus avoided automatic on-site calibration applicable for hot asphalt, wet pavements, milled surfaces and bridges evaluation of testing site and reflectors alternative use of robust and compact MIT circular reflector plates Scope of delivery Basic measuring system measurement sensor interfaces with implemented microcontroller firmware plug-in-type charger for main operation, 230 V rechargeable battery 12 V/ 2Ah carrying strap instruction manual carrying case Accessories calibration procedure headphones charging unit for mobile use via 12 V car battery connecting cable for data communication with a PC PC data transfer software, single user license external printer with charging unit and thermal printer paper expendable items (MIT circular reflector plates)
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