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Light-Weight Deflectometer The Dynamic Plate Load Test The dynamic plate load test is used in earthworks, civil engineering, road construction and rail track construction. It is used to determine the load-bearing capacity and to assess the compaction of soils, loose base courses and soil improvement in accordance with TP BF – StB Part B 8.3. The test method is suitable for course-grained and mixed-grained soils up to a maximum grain size of 63 mm. The test result is displayed in MN/m². The measuring range of the light drop weight tester lies between 15 and 70 MN/m². With the 1.5x impact load achieved with the 15 kg loading device, the measuring range is extended to 70 – 105 MN/m². This is required for heavy base courses in road beds and for ballast. The measurement procedure depicted below shows the simple and quick performance of the measurement that can be immediately printed out on site with the integrated mini printer and stored on the chip card for later printouts at the PC. The measurement can be evaluated on site and at the PC. On completion of every measurement, the result can be read off from the large backlit display together with all the measurement curves and is automatically saved in the internal memory or on an SD card. Settling, mean values, the s/v ratio, the dynamic deformation modulus Evd, GPS positions and the text input for the test location are also shown on the printout on site. Up to 10,000 measurements can be transferred to the software on the PC using the SD card. Here the test logs are displayed individually together with all the information and measurement results, a summary of the log and the evaluation in a statistical representation. An interface to Google Maps allows visual representation of the respective measurement point on the map. The coordinates can also be converted into a UTM format. Documentation is therefore very simple and traceable. Application Range Traffic route engineering o road and train track construction, earthworks, pipeline trenches, bridge culverts Fast in-house self-supervision Documentation for the client    
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