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Static Plate Load Test AX 01® The electronic plate bearing tester AX 01 allows to determine the bearing capacity and the deformability of soils very easily. By applying and releasing the load on the soil repetitively the load-settlement curve as well as the strain moduli Ev1 and Ev2 and the modulus of subgrade reaction are determined - according to DIN 18134:2012-04 (Soil - testing procedures and testing equipment - Plate load test). With its waterprooved case, outside lying buttons and an illuminated display the electronic device can also be used under bad environmental circumstances. Test certificates can already be printed at the building site. The results of the inspection can be saved on an SD-card for further treatment on the PC. Technical data: electronic measurement device Diameter of bearing plate: 300 mm, 600 mm, 762 mm adjustable Lever ratio 1:1 Resolution: settlement/displacement 0,01 mm, standard load 0,0001 MN/m² (printed and saved), 0,001 MN/m² (displayed) Rechargeable battery, built in, 4,8 V, 4 Ah, full charge 2 h; approx. 48 h non-stop usage Thermal printer, paper width 58 mm SD-card, storage of about 200 test Technical data: mechanics Direct measurement of settlement according to DIN 18134, compressive force 100 kN, measurement with only one displacement transducer Manual hydraulic pump with pressure jack for 100 kN compressive force High-pressure hose with a length of 2m Bearing plate S355J0, ø 300 mm with rectangular opening, mounting plate for force sensor and adjustable circular level Supporting frame with telescopic measuring arm and round bases for direct measuring Pluggable extension kit (total length 650 mm) Upper magnetic clamp with ball joint (rated for up to 60 kN) Displacement sensor mounting: 250 mm and 500 mm long Scope of delivery Plate Load Test / Plate Bearing Test Electronics AX 01 with power supply unit Displacement transducer SD-Card-reader (Windows-PC, USB) Power supply unit 100-240 V and car charging cable (12/24 V Cigarette lighter socket ø21 mm) Excel®-file with macro for the import of the measured in the data Brief instruction, instruction manual 2+1 paper rolls Force sensor 100 kN Complete mechanics Dimensions Supporting frame: l x w x h (min): 1150 x 340 x 260 mm, mounted approx. 2330 x 340 x 310 mm, weight: 13,9 kg Bearing plate with force sensor: diameter 300 mm, height 265 mm, weight 22,6 kg Extension parts: 2 x 25 mm, 2x50 mm, 2x100 mm, 2x150 mm, total 3,5 kg Upper ball joint with magnet 0,9 kg Electronic measurement device: 4,5 kg Total weight: 54,9 kg (without packing)    
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